Customized Italian cooking class and dinner in Milan

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Type of the event

Cooking classes, Italian

Maximum guests

12 guests

Time of the event

6:00 PM (3.5 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Red Wine, White Wine

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Fettuccine with bolognese sauce
Long narrow strips of fresh pasta from scratch with the most famous italian sauce
Small cases of dough filled with spinach and ricotta

Parmigiana eggplants
Oven baked layers of fried Aubergine, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil


Zucchini flowers
Fried zucchini flowers filled with Mozzarella cheese and Anchovies
One of the popular dessert made of chilled layers of Lady Finger biscuits, with Mascarpone cheese, coffee, and topped with cocoa powder

Panna Cotta
The famous molded chilled dessert, made with cream and topped with strawberries

The most famous milanese dish with saffron
Typical roman dish it is cooked with anchovies and vinegar...look strange? Try it because it is delicious
Veal steak with bone and marrow inside, typical from Milano
Thin slices of veal cooked with butter and lemon
Gnocchi Sorrento style
Potatoes gnocchi topped with basil tomatoes and mozzarella
Vegetarian lasagna
Fresh pasta lasagna filled with besciamelle sauce,pesto and green beans
chocolate cake fondant
Hot chocolate lava cake
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You will not be eligible for a refund if you cancel your booking.

If you privatize the event, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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