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Elevated Honduran Supper Club with NY Touches

Time of the event
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Type of the event
Cuisine Type
Latin American
The host speaks
Number of guests
6 to 10
Special diets
Vegetarian, Allergic to Gluten, Allergic to Nuts, Allergic to Shellfish

Upcoming dates

21 Jun

29 Jun

10 Jul

18 Jul

19 Jul

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May 10, 2019
Had the best time at Wood Ear and can't get over how intimate and welcoming this dinner with. From the homey setup and decor, to the warm hostess/server, to the very talented chef - really can't complain about anything. And of course, the food was AMAZING! I usually have at least one dish where I feel 'meh' about every time I dine but there literally wasn't a single one where I wouldn't rave about. (p.s. If you aren't a mushroom person, fret not, as Johnny really knows how to transform mushrooms into something else. Luckily I'm obsessed with mushrooms so even better for me) They were also able to easily accommodate to my dietary needs :) As someone who was visiting New York for the first time, this was such a special event where I felt like I could connect to locals/strangers of the city while enjoying some really really really good food.
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May 7, 2019
Johnny and Julia are a fantastic duo - they prepared a truly special meal and experience for us. The menu told a story, flavor combos were DELICIOUS, and the cocktails were the bomb. Couldn't recommend this enough! Also, cute dogs. All around a perfect 10.
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May 6, 2019
This was such a unique and delicious experience! The flavors and textures of each dish were carefully curated. Johnny specializes in creative mushroom dishes that even impressed non mushroom fans. Julia was the loveliest host — i’d definitely recommend this for a great experience all around.
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May 4, 2019
This was such a unique experience! The dinner experience takes place in a cozy Brooklyn apartment, but I constantly had to remind myself I wasn’t in a trendy, upscale restaurant since the space was so thoughtfully set up and beautifully furnished. It was the perfect space to have intimate conversations with other guests I had met that night. I loved the concept behind the restaurant and seasonal menu — also enjoyed that the chef came out to explain each dish story as well. You can tell the dishes are inspired by very personal experiences and I had such a great time stepping into Julia and Johnny’s world for a night! Truly a dynamic duo and would recommend to any one in town.
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