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Local street food tour in Hoi An

Hosted by Tran

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Food walk, Vietnamese

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2 to 10

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3:30 PM (3.5 hours)

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English, Japanese


(1)Café sữa đá - Vietnamese Style coffee

Ca phe sua da is made from finely Vietnamese coffee powder brewed by a small metal phin filter with hot water in some minutes. Then drops of coffee will drip into a cup containing a bit sweetened condensed milk. Next, you stir and pour some ice into the cup. Taste like chocolate!

(2)Hoi An White Rose – one of the specialties of Hoi An

The little white roses are made from translucent white dough which is filled with spiced minced shrimp or pork and bunched up to look like little white roses. They are dipped into the unique dipping sauce to enjoying.

(3) Hột vịt lộn - Balut egg (Optional)

This street food is one of some Vietnam pretty odd foods. A balut is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is combinated with fresh Vietnamese mints and ginger spicy fish sauce.

(4)Thịt nướng - Vietnamese Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Thin pork chops marinated in the hand-chopped lemongrass, garlic, sesami seeds and some spices are skewered onto bamboo sticks. Then they are grilled over a hot fire. Next, they are wrapped in the steamed thin sticky rice papers with fresh vegetables and you dip these rolls into the very nice chili garlic and peanut dipping sauce to enjoying

(5)The best Bánh mỳ in Vietnam - banh mi bread

The Banh mi deluxe consits of some types of pork like roast pork loin, ham with a fresh with pork liver pâté, fatty juices, vibrant-tasting herb mixture, a few pieces of pickles papaya and carrot then sprinkle with homemade super sauce.

(6)Quang noodle

The main ingredients of this dish are rice noodles, meat and vegetables. Vegetables are placed atop of a bed of rice noodles in a bowl then topped with pork, shrimp and finally luke warm broth and meat are added. Add a bit of lemon juice and a slice of small chili to make your bowl of Quang noodle more flavorful.

(7) Bánh bột lọc – Vietnamese clear shrimp & pork dumpling

It is small, clear-looking, chewy tapioca. They are usually filled with shrimp and pork belly, often being topped with fried onions and served with sweet chili fish sauce. So yummy!

(8)Bánh bèo - Water fern cake

They are white in color because of making of rice flour and typically feature a dimple in the center, which is filled with the nice soup including chopped dried shrimp, pork ground, green onions, crispy fried shallots, oil, green chili fish sauce and “ram giòn” (from dried and fried noodles).

(9) Xí mà OR Đậu hủ-Tofu

You will be served a small bowl of Xi Ma - a warm, sweet soup made from black sesame, raw sugar and other secret Chinese Medicine ingredients. Many Hoi An people treat it like a multi vitamin having a daily dose. Tofu is the soft, silky texture. It makes you cool down (because it is made from the soy) but at the same time, the spicy ginger syrup gives you warmth.

(10) Sugar cane juice

This “cooling” juice is one of the must - try drinks in Vietnam. The juice is squeezed from stalks of sugar cane, then mixed with juice from the kumquat and added with some ice.

Drinks & Beverages

Coffee, Juices

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EstherOctober 2019
It was a great experience! We tasted so many different dishes. It was quite a lot! Maybe offer big and small sizes of the dishes in the future? Mr. Milk was a great guide, we enjoyed the tour!

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