Mercado de Arroios market visit, cooking class, and lunch

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Type of the event

Cooking classes, Portuguese

Maximum guests

4 guests

Time of the event

11:00 AM (4 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Red Wine, White Wine, Water

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Pastéis de nata, sausage and cheese board, flavored olive oil, olives, bread

Codfish cakes with salad
One of the most delicious starters in Portuguese cuisine, and one that is essential to lead to a meal packed with aromas and flavours. The recipe of the snack is said to have been first published in Carlos Bento da Maia’s 1904 cookbook Tratado de Cozinha e Copa. One thing is certain: they are here to stay.

Main dish
Caldeirada à fragateira
Nazaré has much more to offer besides the canyon and massive waves. Besides magical places, welcoming people and magnificent legends, there is also the fabulous Caldeirada à Fragateira, a dish that could only come from a seaside town. It is made with many different kinds of fish and a unique seasoning. Your palate will be filled with an ocean of flavours.

Portuguese-style crème brulée
It is said to come originally from late-seventeenth century France and England. Still, it became a staple of Portugal, and a must-have in celebrations – as well as other occasions. It deserves to be prominent, for it is an absolute creamy delight with an indispensable sticky burnt-sugar crust. True passion.
Coffee & Oporto wine
The Portuguese perfect way to finish your meal.
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