$75 Price per guest

South American Inspired Table d'hôte in Tel Aviv

Hosted by Shira & Ben

Time of the event
7:30 PM (3 hours)
Type of the event
Cuisine Type
South American
The host speaks
Number of guests
3 to 6
Special diets
Vegetarian, Organic, Kosher, No pork, Allergic to Shellfish


To start

Tortilla chips, salsa verde, goat cheese

House-made tortilla chips served as a sharing plate of nachos with charred tomatoes fermented chilis and local goat cheese

טורטיה צ׳יפס ביתיים המוגשים בצלחת משותפת של נאצ׳וס עם עגבניות חרוכות, צ׳ילי תוסס וגבינת עיזים מקומית

Black bean, celery, lime vinaigrette

light bean salad, crunchy bites of celery, and zesty lime dressing

סלט שעועית מרענן, סלרי פריך ורוטב ליים פיקנטי


Market ceviche, cucumber, chilis, jicama

🐟 🥒🌶

Okra tempura & house sauce

Fried okra in masa flour, chipotlé, and lemon aioli

במיה מטוגנת בקמח מסה, צ׳יפוטלה ואיולי לימון


Quail egg, habanero cream, potato crispies

Fried quail egg over square potatoes with home-made habanero cream and a touch of truffle

ביצת שליו מטוגנתעל תפוחי אדמה מרובעים עם קרם הברנו ביתי ונגיעה של כמהין

Calabaza velouté

Summer squash & sweet corn velouté, avocado & tomato water

דלעת קיץ ורוטב תירס מתוק, אבוקדו ומי עגבניות

Arepas with carmelized figs & Manchego cheese

Ground maize dough macerated figs, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and Spanish sheep's milk cheese

בצק מקמח תירס, תאנים מרוככות, חומץ תפוחים, סירופ מייפל וגבינת חלב כבשים ספרדית


Polvorones and chilled horchata

Mexican wedding cookies served with a traditionally Valencian cinnamon rice drink

Drinks & Beverages

Guests can bring alcohol, Wine

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What to expect

TunniOctober 2019
spectacular food and a truly inspiring couple, it was art, infact never experienced a meal like it ever before.
ephraimOctober 2019
This was an absolutely phenomenal evening! Shira is a genius in the kitchen - my personal favorite was a dish with quail egg and some sort of amazing pepper sauce. Along the way we drank Mezcal, and had a blast. The atmosphere was super relaxed and fun, which is how I like it. Nothing formal and stuffy, just great food and great people. I'll definitely go back!
SafiraOctober 2019
The atmosphere, the hosts, the FOOOOOOD! It might have been the best food I have ever had. Ever. This is a magical place. Shiras cooking is art and Bens hosting is full of heart and warmth. If you like magical spaces and the highest quality food with creativity and love poured into it, this is an experience you want. Basically, if you are lucky enough to find this place, go!

The place & Amenities
The full address will be provided once the booking is confirmed

Family friendly- Kids are welcome
Pets in the house
Air conditioning
Street parking
Nearby public transport
WiFi Available
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