$69 Price per guest
Star chef
This host is a professional chef. You'll love their fine dining dishes!

10-course dinner & wine pairing in a hidden apartment

Time of the event
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Type of the event
Cuisine Type
The host speaks
Number of guests
4 to 10
Special diets
Vegetarian, Organic, No Alcohol, No Gluten, No pork, Allergic to Gluten, Allergic to Nuts, Allergic to Broad Beans, Allergic to Shellfish, Allergic to Eggs, Allergic to Soy beans

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24 Jul

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Jul 17, 2019
Every meal was excellent!!! Chef Romey deserves 10+ Stars. Every dollar is worth it
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Jun 23, 2019
Welcoming was very warm and the setting extraordinary... feels like a very trendy house. What was outstanding was the food that went beyond our expectations.... especially when you see the chef preparing it and then bringing it to your table. This is different than a typical restaurant. The liquid salad was out of this word... pairing each dish with a Catalan wine was superb. Definitely recommended if your are looking for the feeling of a private restaurant.
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Jun 22, 2019
Una experiencia llena de platos sorprendentes y deliciosos! El espacio de Domy es un oasis que nunca piensas encontrar en esa zona del casco antiguo, moderno y decorado con buen gusto, además dispone de una terraza tipo chill-out preciosa! No os olvidéis de ir al piso de arriba y mirar como los chefs trabajan desde un cristal que hay justo encima! Durante la cena, Domy (el fundador, chef y anfitrión) nos acompañó en todo momento contándonos divertidas e interesantes anécdotas sobre sus viajes y su profesión como cocinero. 10 impolutos y creativos platos salieron de la bonita cocina abierta que puedes contemplar desde la mesa, todos con su explicación y a su debido tiempo. Además, compartimos mesa con una pareja super maja de Barcelona con la cual compartimos contactos y seguramente nos volveremos a encontrar. Una experiencia de 100000! Gracias Domy & Lina!
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May 31, 2019
Amazing experience and a lovely bunch of people. Food is amazing, the atmosphere and service too! If I could only point to one thing that was not so great is that we started dining too late. Between the first glass of cava and the starters we waited around an hour and had the last meal very late and left the restaurant after 1 AM.. with this said, everything else was perfect.
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The place & Amenities
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Pets in the house
Air conditioning
Nearby taxi station
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