$56 Price per guest

Traditional Dim Sum cooking class in London

Time of the event
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Type of the event
Cooking classes
Cuisine Type
The host speaks
Number of guests
3 to 6


Har Gow (蝦餃)

Crystal Prawn Dumplings

Siu Mai (燒賣)

Open Topped Steamed Pork & Prawn Dumplings


Pork & Cabbage Pan-fried Dumplings

Jiao Zi (餃子)

Pork & Cabbage Boiled Dumplings

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What to expect

Super duper. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon with Paula and I plan to try and make the dumplings again on my own!
Really great class! I would definitely recommend it if you have fast and nimble fingers otherwise it could take a while! :) Thanks Paula!
This was nothing short of phenomenal. To begin with, I was greatly impressed that Paula was willing to have me, a vegan, join a group of five non-vegans. She prepared four different types of vegan dumplings just for me. That, by itself, was really impressive. Even more amazing, the actual dumplings were incredible. It was really nice to have the vegan food be not be simply an afterthought but rather something that she had put some real thought and considerable skill and effort into pulling together. Beyond the vegan aspect, the actual experience was truly spectacular. She is a talented cook and instructor and did a great job of explaining dim sum, dumplings, and the various ways to make the four different types that we made. We probably spent around 4 hours making and eating the dumplings, but it didn’t feel like hours of work. Rather, it was a really relaxed time of learning about the culture and food of dim sum while getting to hang out with interesting people and enjoy obscenely delicious food. It really was fantastically fun and delicious, and I simply can not recommend this highly enough.
A fantastic way to spend an afternoon. For the same price as going for a dim sum meal, Paula welcomed myself and 5 other guests to teach us the intricacies of 4 different types of dumplings. There was a wide range of fillings including vegan and vegetarian. Paula was very knowledgable and makes it all look far too easy... Plus you get to take all of leftovers home! Make sure to go hungry...

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