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Travel from West to East through the Dinner table

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麵線煎 Mī-Suànn-Tsian

Taiwanese angel hair noodle pancake fried with black sesame oil, served on a bed of steamed baby spinach and cured egg yolk.
It’s the kind of food that every mom makes at home but you can hardly ever find in a restaurant, even in Taiwan. I guess today is your lucky day then.

潤餅捲 Roon-Piánn-Kauh

Paper thin crepe served with slow cooked pork belly, grilled spring vegetable, crunchy egg pops, and braised tofu, sprinkled with peanut powder.
Commonly eaten during spring festival and 清明 (Pure Brightness, a solar term in the lunisolar calendar, two weeks after the spring equinox). The best thing about this dish is that you can be so greedy by wrapping everything in your crepe until it explodes.

當歸油封鴨 Tong-Kui-Ah

Confit de canard (Duck confit) cooked in Tong-Kui (當歸) infused oil, served with plum flavoured mashed sweet potato and green asparagus.
Tong-Kui (當歸) is a type of Taiwanese herbal medicine, on 立冬 (Another solar term, 6 weeks before the Winter Solstice), we’d have herbal tonics cooked with chicken, duck or lamb, in order to replenish energy and prepare for winter. Nowadays we just have it any day we like because it tastes so damn great.

甜點 (庶饈仔) Sì-Siù-Á

Dark chocolate mousse with kumquat filling, served with matcha chocolate stick, caramelised orange, and lemon sorbet.
Autumn fruits and colours inspired dessert to synchronise with the seasons, totally Instagram worthy, I promise you.

Taiwanese Highland Tea Ceremony

Fresh tea came straight from a family-run tea farm on the highland of Taiwan.

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What an amazing night with an inspiring and creative cook. All of the guests were enthusiastic, we will never forget Yang. I feel I have found a friend and an inspiration.

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