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Seville Tapas Food Tour

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Type of the event

Aperitif, Spanish

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12 guests

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7:30 PM (3.5 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks, Water

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Sevilla tapas food tour
Montadito de pringá
“Montaditos” are a typical Spanish fingerfood consisting in sandwiches with various fillings. Pringá is low-fat and slow-cooked pork roast that simply melts away on your tongue.
Carrillada de carne
The Iberian carilla in sauce is a very famous recipe and that everyone likes. It is a tasty and tender meat (usually pork), very easy to eat and that is perfect accompanied by a vegetable sauce and chips.
Fried Squid or Anchovies
Seville is only 30 minutes from the coast, from where it receives the best fish: the most typical are anchovies or squid, eaten mainly fried in hot oil.
Tortilla de patatas
The Spanish potato tortilla is an international topseller, thanks to its adaptability as side dish, hot dish and starter. Our recipe includes onions too.
This purée-like cold soup consists mainly of tomato and bread, but as in most of the Andalusian recipes, extra virgin olive oil and garlic add a special note to its taste.
Goat Cheese with honey
The local cheese production is very important in Spain and the famous and tasteful goat cheese, oven-baked and topped with honey will delight your palate.
Russian salad
Every traditional Spanish cookbook has an ensaladilla rusa recipe. This Russian potato salad recipe includes peas, and carrots and tuna, dressed with homemade mayonnaise. Sometimes shrimps and hard-boiled eggs are added too.
Churros con chocolate
This is THE dessert (eaten at all times of the day) in the South of Spain. Churros are long-shaped doughnuts fried in hot oil and traditionally dipped in a cup of hot chocolate.
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