The Italian art of the "Aperitivo": Spritz Masterclass

Hosted by Roberta

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Cooking classes, Italian

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2 to 40

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Live from Rome: 6:00 PM (1.5 hours)

Hosted by Roberta

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I am a professional Tour Guide, with an enormous passion for everything concerning good Food, good Wine, and good life! I was born in Sicily, but moved to Rome when I was 15. I grew up looking at my Grandma, a professional Pastry Chef, cooking typical delicious Sicilian dishes for all our big family on Sunday morning, watching her carefully, and learning from her gestures. Having studied Chinese Language and Culture, I have lived in China for more than 4 years. Today, in my home and kitchen, in a very central area of Rome, I like to receive friends from all over the world and take them to discover the real Italian flavors with a contemporary, international twist. I like the way food can get people together, make them feel at home, share their life experiences and let them become friends. And if this happens in our own living room, with the food I prepared with my own hands, we like it even better ---------------------------------- 我是自由工作的领队,也是一名国际领队,带领意大利游客前往中国和欧洲, 专门从事美食和葡萄酒之旅以及烹饪活动。我出生在西西里,意大利最南部,但是转至罗马生活了15年,最终来到我梦寐以求的中国在完成我的中国文化和语言的学习之后。 自幼成长在祖母左右,祖母非常善于并且乐于在周日的早晨为我们一个大家庭准备丰盛地道的西西里美味。那时她只允许我帮她递递牌子站在旁边观察学习。从那时起,我意识到烹饪对我来说不仅是热情,更是我对身边亲近的人的一种爱的表达。 今天,在我家我的厨房,我非常欢迎来自世界各地的朋友和我们一起徜徉真正的意大利美食之旅。 我非常赞同美食可以让我们聚在一起,并让我们感觉家的温暖,分享我们生活的经历 成为更亲近的朋友。如果这将可以发生在我们的客厅与朋友欢聚一堂,品尝着我亲手为大家准备的美食,那么我就更加期待和欣喜!我 期待你们的到来,我的家在城市的中心寺附近,我的热情一定会让你感觉就像在你自己家一样舒适惬意。
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AnnikaApril 2021
We had a lovely evening with Roberta and are delighted about the new cooking skills we acquired. We very much recommend this experience!
JenniferFebruary 2021
This was delightful! Roberta was such a lovely host. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We’d highly recommend.
ThoralfNovember 2019
Amazing host and tour! Roberta gave us an amazing evening in Rome, with perfect food and a very good introduction to local history. I will higly recommend this food walk to everyone visiting Rome!
AndyNovember 2019
Roberta was fantastic, and the food was and epic Italian feast. Our entire family (including kids ages 6 to 13) had a blast, and Robi was excellent at helping us understand Italian food and Italian culture. Warning: come hungry. It's not a light snack!

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