Online Colombian Cooking Experience

Hosted by juan Manuel

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Type of the event

Cooking classes, Creole

Number of guests

1 to 10

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Live from Bogota, D.C.: 10:00 AM (10 hours)

Hosted by juan Manuel

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Hola my name is Juan. Visiting other countries make me realized how rich is ours ,not only in food but also in culture. We create to exalt the richness and beauty of Colombia through the food. We offer you a unique experience, in a traditional Bogotá neighborhood. In this experience we offer you coffee, exotic fruits, a hands on cooking class. The main dish is Ajiaco, also we play a game and we ave dessert. It is a special trip through Colombia and our food. its been a year and sharing our experience with visitors from all over the world, we know you will love it. For a small group we suggest take Uber, pretty affordable and safe. Groups up to 4 people we can help to make the arrangements for a minimal extra cost. Highly recommend bring your appetite, there is a lot of food
What You'll Need
Ingredients for Arepas and Hogao
Ingredients for Empanadas and Ají
Ingredients for Patacones and Guacomole
Kitchen Tools
Drinks & Beverages

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