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Cupids Arrow - Chocolate Valentine Dinner

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Type of the event

Dinner, Fusion

Maximum guests

8 guests

Time of the event

7:00 PM (2 hours)

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Cupids Arrow - Valentine Dinner
For Couples
Shrimp Mole
This starter begins with fresh shelled cooked shrimp drizzled with a lightly
spiced chocolate mole sauce.
Stuffed Dark Chocolate Dredged Dates
Pitted Medjool dates stuffed with Smokehouse almonds and Parmigiana Reggiano cheese dredged in a Belgium Dark Chocolate Couverture.
Wild Lovers Chocolate Salad
Fresh seasonal greens bed creamy goat cheese, raspberries and sugared seasonal nuts nestled under a drizzle of cacao infused olive oil and a dark chocolate
raspberry balsamic vinaigrette.
Rainforest Steak Cacao
Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak with a Browned Cacao Butter and Sweet Onion Sauce
Chocolate Buns and Gravy
Sweet buns are covered with dark, thick, savory, rich chocolate lumps here!
Potatoes Provencal Chocolat
You guessed it... thin skinned red potatoes roasted until golden brown and cooked to perfection with southern France's Herbs du Provence including savory, lavender and tarragon blended with wild vanilla beans and dark cocoa powder into a delectable dry potato rub. Scrumptious!
Rose Damask Ganache
This is it! The ultimate and Master Chocolatiers favorite signature dessert. Rose infused ganache. This rich dark chocolate ganache starts with aphrodisiac spices including rose petal infused heavy whipping cream and the finest Belgium chocolate. Topped with crystalized rose petals from France and a crispy Pizzelle Wafer Cookie for dipping and crunch for optimal mouth feel & texture!

Raspberry chocolate fizzy, 5 Star Hot Chocolate, Cocoa Nib Tea
Select from or enjoy multiple chocolate beverages. Maybe one for dinner and another for dessert. They are dessert! Cacao Tea is a true tea with dark chocolate rainforest notes. Our Hot Chocolate is a classic take on Americana hot chocolate with handcrafted small batch marshmallows and finally Raspberry Fizzy is a chocolate milk based raspberry carbonated drink with whip top and chocolate shavings
Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 1 week before the event.

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$210 Price per guest