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From Farmers to Mama's Kitchen

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This host is compliant with at least 70% of the sustainable practices based on a 12-section study. Eatwith eco-heroes are committed to promoting plant-based recipes, plastic, and waste avoidance, and fair trade.
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The experience in a nutshell

Type of the event

Dinner, Greek

Maximum guests

18 guests

Time of the event

6:30 PM (3 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Red Wine, White Wine, Beer

See the menu
Greek Salad (Vegetarian)
Ntakos Salad (Vegetarian)
Homemade Greek aromatic pie with feta cheese (Vegetarian)
Tzatziki (Vegetarian)
Tyrokafteri (Vegetarian)
Traditional Greek Sausage with leak- not processed- the meat is hand cut
Homemade village bread

From main you can select up to 1 option per couple as it is all homemade and made just before you come.


Vegetarian or VEGAN options -please let me know if you eat eggs or/and cheese.
1.       Eggplants with Red sweet Florina peppers with caramelized onions and melted feta cheese
2.       Mushroom stifado (whole tiny, sweet onions) and Greek Olives slow cooked in local red wine
3.       “Yemista” vegetables stuffed with a mix of vegetables, rice, local Greek herbs raisins and pine nuts.
4.       Vegetarian moussaka – layers or vegetables and a yummy bechamel sauce made of Greek Yogurt.
5.       Mushroom/ eggplant yiouvetsi with homemade goat cheese

1.Delicious fresh Pastitsio or Moussaka with feta Cheese
2.Yummy tender Slow cooked lamb in a traditional pot called gastra
3.Kleftiko – a variety of meats slow cooked with wild oregano, Greek honey, and white wine.

Sea Food
1. Extremely fresh barbecued tuna/sea bream fried squid or prawns along with Greek potato salad
2. Fresh Sea-food pasta & sardine or fried squid
You can select up to 1 desert per couple
A. Greek Style Cheesecake with homemade butter cookies, Greek Yogurt and Grandma’s seasonal deserts of the spoon.
B. Sweet Patsavouropita – Delicious traditional Greek desert you can only find at home (contains egg)
C. Orange Pie with kaimaki ice-cream
D. Kantaifi
Unlimited Bulk wines, beers and refreshments included.
WINE TASTING - 6 local wines is optional 
We have amazing wines and special varieties that are cultivated in Greece for over 5000 years -The story telling for each wine will amaze you.
4 Embottled wines - From a winery of 100 years old and 2 in bulk from a small local producer
This is Optional and there is and additional cost of 20 euros per person- you can decide on site
Cancellation Policy

You will not be eligible for a refund if you cancel your booking.

If you privatize the event, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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