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Old Nice Five Food Stops Full Dinner

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Type of the event

Food walk, French

Maximum guests

10 guests

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5:30 PM (3.5 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Wine, Water

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5 STOPS Dinner
Olive oil degustation
Taste different kind of olive oil from artisanal production, learning about the method of production, the difference between young one, strong one … and discover all products made with olives from Nice.

A special savory pancake made with chickpea flour. Crispy outside and soft inside, the Socca is an essential of Nice Street Food. You can find the recipe here.
A tasty onion tart made with a kind of pizza paste, traditionally cooked in a wood oven and topped with olives and anchovies. A classic dish that can be tasted as street food, for a snack, or paired with a glass of provence wine for aperitif.
Petit Farcis Niçois
A classical dish of provenzal cuisine, seasonal fresh vegetables stuffed with a delicious mix of sausage and aromatic herbs, oven cooked until all the aromas blend together to express to the best all the flavours of this local delicacy.
Mini Pan-Bagnat
A jump back in the past, introduced throught this traditional sandwitch made for the sailors of Cote d’Azur. In dialect “Pan Bagnat” literally means “soaked bread”, it is the stale bread, soaked in the water, that gave the name to this dish arrived from popular traditional.
The bread, nowadays, is soaked in fragrant local olive oil and envelops a filling of fresh salad, hard-boiled eggs, the sweetest raw onions and tomatoes with a salty taste given by the anchovies or the tuna. The best snack for a day at the seaside!

An expression of the traditional gastronomy of Nice with this mixture of chopped dark olives, anchovies and capers. Are the latter that gave the name at this delicious sauce, “Tapenas” infact is the buds of the capers in french. A must to taste on a crispy toasted bread.
Artisanal ice-cream
Homemade ice cream prepared with high quality and local ingredients. A joy for the palate!
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