California Caribbean In Alamo Square

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Dîner, Caribéen

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10 invités


7:00 PM (2.5 heures)

L'hôte parle

English, Spanish


Cocktail, Les invités peuvent apporter de l'alcool

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The Welcome Cocktail
Sunset on the Mesa
A blend of passion fruit, mango, and apricot juices, mixed with vodka with a drizzle of rose-hibiscus syrup.

Hand-Crimped Fresh Empanadas
Filled with ground turkey, lentils, tomatoes and mixed-olives.
All homemade. Lightly fried in vegetable oil. Served with homemade salsa verde.

Main (Served Family-Buffet Style)
Slow Roasted Chicken & Shrimp in Red Wine Sofrito Sauce
Oven roasted chicken and shrimp served with homemade sauce: mixed tomatoes, chickpeas, onions, garlic, cilantro, olive oil and red wine
Spanish Yellow Rice
A classic cooked with turmeric, saffron, onions, garlic, and chicken broth with a hint of lemon.
The San Francisco Salad
Thanks to the Farmer’s Market, it celebrates the city’s vibrant flavors. It’s always different, because I take advantage of seasonal ingredients at the peak of their freshness

Seasonal Sweets & Fruits
Cookies, Brownies, Flan, Dulce de leche, or Cupcakes with local fruits
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