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Cooking Class: Sauces 101

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Cours de cuisine, Française

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5:00 PM (2.5 heures)



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Egg sauces
For our egg base sauces we'll teach you how to make an aioli, hollandaise, then bearnaise along with a few flavor spins offs of each.
Roux sauces
Learning a roux isn't hard but can be temperamental. Once you master this sauce base, you can create the best gravy, cream sauce, cheese sauce, etc.

Pan sauces
This sauce will have you looking at those scraps in the bottom of your pan a little differently after learning how you can transform them into something luxurious.

Sautéed Asparagus
We'll sauté asparagus and serve with some of our hollandaise / bearnaise sauce drizzled over
Seared Steak
A perfectly seared steak finished with a pan sauce
Roasted Potatoes
We will elevate roasted potatoes with an aioli dip served on the side
Mac & Cheese
Once you see how easy and superior it is to make your own macaroni and cheese you'll never be able to buy store bought or boxed again
Creamed Spinach
We'll use the cream sauce to make some decadent creamed spinach, a perfect side to any steak dinner
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