Dinner in Athens

A vibrant city like Athens is bound to have a colorful cuisine as well. Locals all over the city experiment with food to serve the best dishes possible, creating an amazing experience over dinner like no other. The imagery is complete when you join Eatwith hosts who will entertain your palates for an evening meal!

A night full of flavor

Greek cuisine is one of the most popular in the world, full of unique flavors and scents made from fresh local ingredients. In the capital of Greece, chefs and home cooks keep finding ways to upgrade their menu, competing with the best restaurants across countries and keeping up with appropriate representation of their dishes. They all yearn to serve the best dinner possible, completing a romantic night in the city with a table full of delicious food, from appetizers, mains, to desserts, all served Greek style.

Imagine yourself sitting at an outdoors Café on a warm summer night by the beach, devouring sautéed shrimps and baked lamb prepared especially for you. This imagery is not far from reality if you join an Eatwith event in an Athens site with great views, with a diverse range of dinner experiences to choose from according to your preferences. Whether it is in a restaurant or at a host’s apartment, by the acropolis or technopolis, guests are always welcome to enjoy the night with drinks and a hearty meal. Feast on mousaka prepared using the Greek tradition or lamb gyros in Monastiraki, to fine dining somewhere off the map, you will have a fantastic experience by the best chef.

Make reservations for dinner in Athens during your trip if you are a visitor, or even if you are a local. Wear your masks, observe the safety measures, and don’t forget to have fun!

Why Choose Eatwith

We are absolute food expertsOur mission is to connect the best local chefs and food connoissveurs in London with adventurous travelers.
We are the leaders in social diningThe best way to make new friends and learn the local culture firsthand when traveling.
We offer unique food experiencesTry one of our immersive dinners, lunches, brunches, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

Best in Athens

With a multitude of options, venues, and menus to choose from, Eatwith offers you the best activity in Athens: dining.

Choose a venue with a view overlooking the city, a site by the ocean, a cozy Café at Syntagma square, or an apartment in the scenic Plaka neighborhood, all serving multiple courses to satisfy your appetite. Eat the best dishes in the country, gyros for lunch, and moussaka for dinner prepared by amazing chefs and their staff. Dinner experiences, with seating at a hearty table eating traditional greek dishes after a pleasant tour of the city, will really be the highlight of your weekend. Let Eatwith guide you from brunch to coffee to dinner. Head over to our website homepage for more info about the experiences, their privacy policy, or guarantees of full refund. All of our events observe health protocols and safety measures for your experience.

Athens on the streets

Spend an afternoon in Athens eating like the locals. The streets are home to the best in Athens, with food vendors and small cafes serving quality food as well. While the menu might be simple, the flavors are most certainly not, achieving great success getting visitors to come even at 2 a.m. Gyros and wine abound in the scenic Plaka neighborhood for lunch, for example. Even though some vendors have minimal seating, the recipes are to die for and definitely worth the experience! 

Even vendors serve baked lamb or chicken for you to try. The best places are really on the streets! There are also plenty of vegetarian options. Have a greek salad with some of the freshest tomatoes you will taste. During the day, try pasta or moussaka. After hours, move on to bars or try delicious Greek wines from an extensive wine list. Bring a group of friends for cocktails on a Wednesday to skip the line. On Sundays, eat out with children or taste home cooked meals and salads. Really, there is no limit to what you can do in Athens.

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