Pasta Masterclass with a Local in Bologna

Hosted by Antonio
בעל רשיון אירופאי - הפעלת מטבח ובטיחות באוכל
לפי המדיניות שלנו, למארח זה יש רשיון אירופאי הנוגע להפעלת מטבח ובטיחות באוכל

על החוויה בקצרה

סוג האירוע

קורס בישול, איטלקי

מספר האורחים

1 עד 10

שעת האירוע

6:00 PM (4 שעות)

למה לצפות?

רויתDecember 2021
Antonio is full of the knowledge and enthusiasm he wants to convey to you. He is funny, instructive and very professional. In his small kitchen he does magic, the food is very tasty, very clean, and the atmosphere is great!
VictoriaNovember 2021
Very fun experience! Antonio is very entertaining and the food we cooked with him was super nice!
DanielSeptember 2021
Antonio is an amazing host and cook. We cooked two pasta dishes. Antonio told us interesting insights and showed us some tricks. With some help we created a tasty dish and had a lot of fun. + I learned a lot about the little tricks while preparing pasta. I cannot wait to continue at home and get better in it. + Antonio is a great host, always sharing interesting cultural and historic facts. 100% passion for cooking. + the dishes were great and it completed an amazing evening Thanks a lot Antonio, I will recommend you and come back one day!
sukhiOctober 2020
I had a fantastic experience with Antonio, he is a true Italian chef. You get to learn all of the best Bologna dishes, in a relaxed and friendly place

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