Cook classic Italian dinner inspired by Roman grandmother

Hosted by Janice & Francesca

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7:00 PM (3 שעות)

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Edward and MargaretDecember 2021
Thank you, grazie for opening your home and making us feel like family. We would hug you and say how welcomed we felt in your home. Thank you for teching us to cook and present a true home cooked Italian meal. You are beautiful people with love and appreciation of your culture. We feel we can call you friends & family. "Merry Christmas, Love.
MichaelMay 2021
Fantastico! We had a great time with Janice and Francesca. We were connected with another family in Paris and cooked, sang, played, and chatted. The pizza came out great, btw. We are looking forward to an in-person experience again next year. Cinque stelle!
OanaApril 2021
My first experience on Zoom cooking class!with Janice and Francesca was very nice and funny!they explain very good and simple all the steps for the plates and the result was very very delicious!It was a good way even to talk to joke and know other people from other countries and share with them this experience!I'll will repeat definitly this nice cooking class with them!they were good hosts!
FulvioApril 2021
Ho avuto il piacere di essere invitato a questa cooking online con Francesca e Janice ed abbiamo passato piacevolmente 2 ore cucinando e chiacchierando insieme ad altri ospiti. Grazie mille!!!

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