Wine Tasting under Acropolis

Hosted by Spiridon

מידע על קוביד -19

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Tasting, יווני

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18:00 (1.5 שעות)

האירוע של Spiridon

מארח מאומת
Hi, i 'm Spyros and i'm a wine lover and hospitality professional. After many years in the Greek hospitality industry i started my own business specifically as a wine guide. I 'm here to answer all your questions about winemaking process, the Greek ancient grapes and the secrets of wine tasting and evaluation. i have a strong passion about wines and the Greek grapes and i want to share my passion with you in our specially designed tasting room


wine menu paired with local greek cheese and clod cuts
Savvatiano - White wine
Assyrtiko - White wine
Malagouzia - White wine
Xinomavro - Red wine
Aghiorgitiko - Red wine
Cheese and Cold cuts platter

למה לצפות?

Tarynפברואר 2019
A great experience learning about greek wines and how to taste wine in general. Our host was truly passionate and articulate about his products. Pairing the wines with the platter was excellent. A minor improvement would be to incorporate more info on those products and perhaps have them for sale, and find a way to comfortably break the ice away the start (small flute of champagne perhaps?). Loved it, thank you!

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