Hands on, traditional Greek cooking class

Hosted by Michail

מידע על קוביד -19

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על החוויה בקצרה

סוג האירוע

קורס בישול, יווני

מספר האורחים

2 עד 8

שעת האירוע

18:00 (3 שעות)

האירוע של Michail

מארח מאומת
I am a professional chef of traditional Greek cuisine. I love sharing my passion for authentic, well-cooked Greek food with other people, as an exchange between cultures. Travelling, meeting new people, and enjoying exciting new experiences is what inspires me in life. My friends help me host my events to make sure everything is perfect for you.


Baked feta cheese
main course
Stuffed Eggplants with tomato and cheese
Stuffed Tomatoes with rice
Halva semolina pudding
Greek coffee

למה לצפות?

Reggieאוגוסט 2021
We had an incredible time! Michail’s passion and experience with food shines! He also incorporates homegrown and family grown ingredients in his cooking. When you can look up from your plate, you are greeted with an amazing view of Athens. Michail is highly recommend!
Emilyאוגוסט 2021
Dinner with Michail and Nico was such a pleasure. Their view over the city was amazing, the food was delicious, and the intelligent conversation was a bridge between cultures. This was a highlight of an amazing trip to Greece!
Kevinיולי 2021
This was our last night in Greece and I wanted to impress my wife. WOW, this was an amazing experience. Everything was perfection! We even featured Michael and Nikos on our Travel Planners Radio Show and you tube channel. we not only had an a gourmet dinner, we made new friends as well. this is a must do event when you are in Athens.
Paulיולי 2021
It was a great experience. Michael is a great cook. The view from the apartment is awesome.

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