Historical food tour of central Athens

Hosted by Yannis

בעל רשיון אירופאי - הפעלת מטבח ובטיחות באוכל
לפי המדיניות שלנו, למארח זה יש רשיון אירופאי הנוגע להפעלת מטבח ובטיחות באוכל

מידע על קוביד -19

Eatwith מחויבת לשלומם של האורחים שלנו ושל הקהילה המארחת שלנו. כל אירועי Eawith תואמים את תקנות הבריאות המקומיות והנחיות הבטיחות. במידה והנחיות הממשלה דורשות מאורחים להציג אישור תו ירוק המאשר חיסון או בדיקת קורונה שלילית על מנת לנכוח באירועים בפנים או בחוץ - יהיה על האורחים להציג אישור זה טרם כניסתם לאירוע.

למידע נוסף על האמצעים שנקטנו בכדי להבטיח בטיחות באירועים של Eatwith.

על החוויה בקצרה

סוג האירוע

סיור אוכל, ים תיכוני

מספר האורחים

2 עד 8

שעת האירוע

10:00 (3.5 שעות)

האירוע של Yannis

מארח מאומת
My name is Yannis and am passionate about Greek food and our local ingredients. Feel blessed as I live and work in a country that produces a plethora of unique products that I can use in my recipes and share with others. We live with my partner in a beautiful and unique location in Athens- our home is INSIDE a huge park and our garden is full of veggies and edible flowers that I use in my dishes!. I have been working in the food industry for the past ten years now and started by being a finalist of the first ever Greek Master chef so I had my 15 minutes of fame or maybe a bit more as I am currently featured cooking on TV a few days a week. Love coming up with new and exciting recipes and have a website with them (www.bearfootinthepark.com)

למה לצפות?

Christelleאוגוסט 2021
Yannis is a great chef and host. The food was sophisticated, delicious and Yannis explained us all the steps and ingredients in a masterful way. Beyond the food, which again, was amazing, we had a great time with Yannis as it is very easy to connect with him and have a great conversation. Also the house and environment was very very cool. I highly recommend. Thank you Yannis !
Tedאוגוסט 2021
Yannis was the most extraordinary guide through Athens’ world of food. Deeply knowledgeable, charming and funny, he provided us with what may well have been the highlight of our entire fabulous trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an afternoon or evening with him- I promise you won’t regret it.
Amandaיולי 2021
Yanni and Robert were wonderful hosts!! Our lunch with them was truly the highlight of our trip. Their house is beautiful and unique and very clean and Yanni’s cooking is exceptional. We live in nyc and consider ourselves food snobs and we really enjoyed this meal! Aside from the food the company was better, yanni and Robert were so much fun to talk to and hear their stories and learn about Greek culture and life. They shared so many helpful tips with us for our trip and are just wonderfully friendly people. I hope to see them again !!
Markיוני 2021
Great experience, we loved it and highly recommend!

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