Traditional Greek cooking class and dinner in Monastiraki

Hosted by Marilena

בעל רשיון אירופאי - הפעלת מטבח ובטיחות באוכל
לפי המדיניות שלנו, למארח זה יש רשיון אירופאי הנוגע להפעלת מטבח ובטיחות באוכל

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על החוויה בקצרה

סוג האירוע

קורס בישול, יווני

מספר האורחים

4 עד 8

שעת האירוע

18:00 (3 שעות)

האירוע של Marilena

מארח מאומת
I live in Athens my entire life and I am a passionate food lover and food blogger. I love cooking so much that I created my food blog, about five years ago! Recently I created CookinAthens, a cooking studio, with a perfect view on the Acropolis, designed to make you love Greek food even more and where you will not only taste authentic Greek foods but you will also learn how to cook them. At CookinAthens we have created a cozy environment where we cook traditional greek food the way our grandmothers used to do. But also, since we believe that cooking should be joyful and creative, sometimes we use the traditional recipes as a guide to come up with something new. Our small sized, hands on classes encourage our guests to cook themselves and to be able to reproduce the recipes when they get back home.


Spanakopita or Tiropita
Stuffed peppers with cheese OR
Eggplants with tomato sauce and cheese
Variety of breads
Greek Salad (our way)
Main Course
Pastitsio OR
Kotopoulo me chilopites OR
Zakinthini frygania OR
Ravani OR
Greek Yogurt Mouse

למה לצפות?

Elizabethפברואר 2021
We had a wonderful multi-generational Zoom lesson with Marilena. A perfect family activity during the pandemic, with terrific Greek food in each house as an end result. We so appreciated Marilena's helpful suggestions in proposing a menu that worked for our whole group, and he patience in walking us through the various steps to get all of us to the end of our three-course tour de force! We can't wait to have an in-person class with her -- with a view of the Acropolis -- in the future.
Mohamedנובמבר 2019
Marliena was an incredible host and chef. She is cool and an easy person to deal and chat with. Food was incredible and we cooked with her. It was raining so we stayed indoors but the view of the Acroplis was magnificent. The infrastructure and tools were cool and modern. We loved her company.
Garyנובמבר 2019
Wow! Our cooking class was great! With a view of the Acropolis! Marilena changed up some of the recipes to meat with our requests. We made Mezedes which are like appetizers or small plates. Sooooo good! Our friends, who we traveled with and us are planning a Greek Party with all the foods we cooked. We laughed and drank wine and cooked. One of our best nights in Athens! We would definetly do this again. Marilena and her assistant Artemis were delightful and made the evening something special. Thank you both for a wonderful experience!
Michaelאוקטובר 2019
Marilena is a perfect host. She has created a vegan menu for us that we cooked together in her beautiful cooking studio. I never thought that grilled eggplants could taste so good. This event was a great addition to our visit to Athens. Thank you Marilena!

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