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Live from Amsterdam: 09:00 (14 שעות)

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Almond Flour Bread with dips
Sweet Potatoes Omelette "Tortilla de patatas"

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Juanדצמבר 2020
LLuisa (from Spain) and John (UK) were great hosts. They were very kind, helpful and friendly with us. Their apartment is well located and it has a great atmosphere with good decoration, candles and chill out music. It is a great venue for a romantic dinner (I actually choose it to celebrated my girlfriends' birthday). The food, in general, was abundant and its quality was excellent. The starters were not only delicious but also very varied. The main course was very tasteful and well-cooked. Since the dish was chicken with vegetables, it looked a bit "less exotic or elaborate" in comparison with the starters. The drinks (wine, water, whisky, etc.) were perfect. Despite having only one dessert option, in general the brownie with grapes that we ate was good. The price per person could had been a bit lower but, anyway, it was not unreasonable and actually it was one of the lower prices in the market. In sum, it was a great experience. We totally recommend it!!

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