Authentic Ethiopian Brunch with Coffee Ceremony

Hosted by Nazareth

על החוויה בקצרה

סוג האירוע

בראנץ', אפריקאי

מספר האורחים

2 עד 30

שעת האירוע

12:30 PM (1.5 שעות)

למה אנו אוהבים את החוויה הזו

Sample 11 dishes! On the day, you will select either a meat platter, vegetarian platter or vegan platter, all served with enjera - Ethiopian homemade sourdough flatbread
Brunch will be followed by a coffee ceremony that involves roasting the raw green beans, sharing the aroma, brewing in special clay jugs and a delicious dessert
Hosted in Nazareth's private venue in Shepherds Bush food market

למה לצפות?

AncaJanuary 2022
The event did not happen because of a lack of enough people. I was not offered a refund or some form of reimbursement. There was no response even though I tried contacting Nazareth twice.
AndreasDecember 2021
Super nice, I warmly recommend it! Nazareth was very welcoming and friendly and we had a lovely cooking class together
NenadNovember 2021
Fun experience, unpretentious instructor, food was brilliant.
HollyNovember 2021
Lovely brunch! Great food and very friendly!! We had a great time, thank you so much :)

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