Brunch Tapas in Charming West New York Home!

Organizzato da Jennifer

L'esperienza in breve

Tipo di evento

Brunch, Spagnola

Numero di invitati

8 a 12

Orario dell'evento

2:00 PM (5 ore)

L'Host parla

English, Spanish


Che cosa aspettarsi

chastitySeptember 2018
My experience at Jennifer’s was beyond amazing. The food was so tasteful and presented beautifully. It was a perfect Sunday. The atmosphere was excellent I really enjoyed myself. I will definitely eat with Jen again.
AprilAugust 2018
The food was interesting and delicious! The menu was a great expression of the theme. The home grown/local ingredients were a nice contribution and very fresh. The conversation was great and I enjoyed meeting the other guests. Overall, the hosting was amazing and Jenn & Tony made me feel at home. What a great night!
DestinyJuly 2018
My meal at Jennifer’s was not only amazing in taste but in presentation as well. Having fresh ingredients from her garden and handmade items it was clear that it was full of love and passion for hosting and cuisine. I hope to one day visit again and I hope that many others get to enjoy such a great experience.

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