Afternoon Delight - Brunch served al fresco at Sunset!

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Tipo di evento

Brunch, Americana

Numero massimo di invitati

10 invitati

Orario dell'evento

4:30 PM (2.5 ore)


Gli invitati possono portare alcohol, Caffè, Te, Cioccolata calda, Acqua, Latte, Succhi di frutta

Ecco perché amiamo quest'esperienza

Breakfast for dinner!
Can accommodate gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets
Dine in a beautiful outdoor setting while watching the sunset
Guarda il menù
Bread, per your preference
Bread with organic butter, house hummus & jellies w/ crudite,
& Homestead Mimosa w refill
Home baked bread with organic butters, house made vegan hummus & jellies, w/ crudite. Homestead Mimosa w refill. Vicki's bread recipe is naturally vegan, made with olive oil and no dairy.
Local Cheese and Fruit Boards, Gluten-Free available
Local Cheese from Argyle, NY with nut butter, house made hummus & jellies, w/ crudite, crackers and sweet figs. Homestead Mimosa w refill.

Fruit- Available throughout meal
Beautiful Fruit Salad lovingly prepared with the freshest seasonal fruit, artfully arranged to delight the senses, refresh, and energize. Naturally Gluten Free.
Only the freshest seasonal fruit arranged in edible splendor. Multidimensional colors and flavors adorned by edible flowers and herbs grown and foraged on the Noble Homestead. Dressed with organic lemon juice and honey lovingly harvested by our local family friends Bee & Bramble in Argyle, NY unless there is a guest withpreference that dictates otherwise, and they may be served their own portion without any additional ingredients.

Main Course
Eggs w cheese and meat Baked in Pastry
Baked farm-fresh eggs in pastry with local cheeses and ham or bacon
Eggs Baked in Russet Potato, Gluten Free
Baked farm-fresh eggs in russet potato with local cheeses and ham or bacon
Assorted Baked Beans with Apples, Dried fruit and Cashews, Vegan & Gluten Free
Assorted Baked Beans with Dried fruit and Cashews, enhanced with local Maple syrup and warming spices.

Sweet On You ❤️, Dessert & Hot Beverage
Muffins or Cheesecake, Maple-glazed Nuts with fresh berries and Dried Fruits w Coffee, Tea, Warm Spiced Local Cider or Hot Chocolate
Homestead-Baked Muffins and Cheescake, your choice with choice of available hot beverage.
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66 USD Prezzo per invitato