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What better way to explore a city than by discovering its cuisine first hand? Put on a chef's hat for the day and learn how to make classic dishes, local specialties and impressive plates with our expert hosts. Sign up for one of our fun, immersive cooking classes and discover a new hidden talent!

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Eatwith are the world leaders in authentic culinary experiences with over 5,000 friendly hosts in 130+ countries welcoming guests every day. With new classes and experiences hosted by experienced chefs, Eatwith invites you to hone your culinary skills by attending cooking classes with us! Check out their profile and join a series of fun culinary classes.

From London to Lisbon, New York to New Orleans, Seoul to Singapore, our immersive cooking classes offer you the chance to learn new recipes, build on valuable culinary skills and have lots of delicious fun! A session, including a virtual class, will equip you with new skills with expert chefs as your instructor, exploring tastes and techniques throughout the experience. Starting with the basics of selecting the best ingredients, preparations, going through the process, and presentation, your host will guide you step by step.

Roll up your sleeves and discover the secrets to a true Napolitan pizza, perfect the art of making macarons with a MasterChef winner, or learn all the insider tips to making professional dumplings. With a great variety of classes, you can master more than one recipe and gain even more practical skills to apply in your kitchen. Our award-winning hosts are waiting to help you unlock a new talent! Book an Eatwith cooking class today.

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We are absolute food experts

Our mission is to connect the best local chefs and food connoisseurs around the world with adventurous travellers.

We are the leaders in social dining

The best way to make new friends and learn the local culture first-hand when traveling.

We offer unique food experiences

Try one of our immersive dinners, lunches, brunches, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

top rated cooking classes around the world

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winners!

From traditional pastry, pizza and pasta-making classes to high-end culinary ateliers with Michelin-starred chefs, we have a wide variety of cooking classes to suit every kind of (wannabe) chef! Our classes are available at all times for you to join, whether it be the month of March or December, Tuesday or Friday, breakfast, lunch or dinner, the choices are unlimited! Make a reservation now to secure your spot. Our cooking classes:

  • Are small groups classes for all levels and tastes
  • Include all ingredients, materials and equipment
  • Access to magical homes and beautiful venues
  • The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is one of the most highly sought-after awards in the travel industry. It honors businesses that consistently deliver impeccable service over time, as judged by TripAdvisor users’ reviews and ratings. We're proud to show you our star hosts who received this prestigious award for their cooking classes!

learn to cook and have fun!

with proffesional chefs

It’s amazing how professional chefs are willing to share what they know, and to do it in a fun way! Learning to cook could be a slow 3 p.m. Saturday activity which will let you learn something new and share your passion for food with others. With snacks on the table and wine pairings in the garden, a cozy ambience, and good company, you will surely have a blast! The best part about these classes is being able to meet chefs, asking questions and sharing information you now have the rights to apply in your own kitchen!

Learn to create your own twist on classic dishes, use the best products and ingredients, check out a chef’s kitchen appliances, cooking classes are so much more than just cooking. Along with others, you will be able to set your creativity free, making new meals for your kids and friends.

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Cooking classes around the world.

Exploring a culture means getting to know their cuisine, and the key behind its preparation.