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There are many amazing restaurants in Barcelona boasting the best paella or the best tapas. Whether you're looking to find classic Spanish food or are interested in trying some more innovative fusion dishes, Barcelona with eatwith is the way to go.

Why not let our local hosts show you what to eat in Barcelona? After all, there's no better way to enjoy authentic local food than with an actual local! They'll give you a real taste of Spanish cuisine and will introduce you to the local lifestyle, whether it's at a lunch, cooking class, market tour or dinner in Barcelona.

You'll get to eat the best quality Spanish ham, the most delicious Manchego cheese, and will indulge in traditional paella prepared with secret family recipes, all in the comfort of a local Barcelona home or in a unique, hidden venue!

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where to eat in barcelona?

Dinner in Barcelona is quite the treat! The city offers so many options, ranging from fine dining to more traditional Spanish food.

If you're on the lookout for authentic Spanish specialities, be sure to try as many different tapas as you can. It's typical to enjoy tapas and an aperitif right before dinner in Barcelona, just be sure not to fill up too much! You can follow your tapas with a traditional Spanish dinner featuring classic dishes like paella, or you can opt for some of the amazing fusion options that can be found in the city.

Spanish cuisine lends itself wonderfully to fusion with other world cuisines, and the results are absolutely mouthwatering! Why not try a gastronomic tasting menu or fine dining dinner hosted by one of our local Barcelona hosts and chefs? They're waiting to welcome you into their homes and to make sure that you have the absolute best dinner in Barcelona, ever!