Cooking Classes in London

Kitchens in London create some of the best food you could imagine in the hands of professional and experienced chefs. Now, you have consent to step into their kitchen for masterclasses to learn the secret that they have perfected over the years, so don’t miss your chance!

Learn their secrets

London is home to some of the best food in the world, undoubtedly prepared by experienced cooks or professional chefs. At Eatwith, chefs with the best reviews host the best cookery classes in London and hold courses for guests of all backgrounds to join in and experience a fun and informative session. Whether you are a Londoner or are visiting the capital of England on a tour, make sure you have reservations to learn more about food according to your preferences and bring home something special!

Tour the city, enjoy a cocktail, use your gift vouchers, eat a cordon bleu, and top it all off with a cookery class! There are all kinds of cooking classes available, whether you are just curious about food or are a seasoned cook yourself learning to glean new skills. Enjoy cooking during London summers or on a weekend break with your best friend. From breakfast to dessert and drinks, seafood to vegan, our chefs will share tips and tricks, open up their kitchen, reveal their secrets, and guide you every step of the way!

You will know more about picking the best fresh ingredients and processing them, how to prep, cook, and serve the meal, all while enjoying some company and learning techniques from a professional chef with their complete consent. You will serve dishes like a restaurant does! Come to class curious and go home with new tricks up your sleeve to upgrade your meals.

Why Choose Eatwith

We are absolute food expertsOur mission is to connect the best local chefs and food connoissveurs in London with adventurous travelers.
We are the leaders in social diningThe best way to make new friends and learn the local culture firsthand when traveling.
We offer unique food experiencesTry one of our immersive dinners, lunches, brunches, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

London’s Best Cuisine

Being the hub of so many cultural backgrounds has its perks, and London proves just that with the variety of cuisine it offers.

There are experts ready to teach you how to make Vietnamese spring rolls, process seafood, serve biscuits and tea, knead bread, all the dishes you could imagine according to your preferences, everything is game. With their guidance, you will be donning aprons and making pasta like Simone Remoli. The knowledge you come home with will definitely be worth the price!

Find the right class for you

With so many choices, it might be overwhelming to pick just one class. Fret not! Pick a class you are curious about, serving something you probably never have before. Don’t be afraid to experiment with strange flavors from across the world, even for beginners. If you own a bakehouse,café, or pub,  you might want to enroll in a private cookery class to be more specific. Learn about chocolate in Chiswick, gnocchi in Hampstead, or participate in a course at Leiths. Eatwith also offers online classes for people from all over the world of all ages and backgrounds. Head over to our website for more detailed information and to pick a class just for you!

Meet our local hosts

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