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Kitchens in London create some of the best food you could imagine in the hands of professional and experienced chefs. Now, you have consent to step into their kitchen for masterclasses to learn the secret that they have perfected over the years, so don’t miss your chance!

london's finest cooking classes

Learn their secrets!

London is a culinary paradise, with renowned chefs and experienced cooks creating some of the best food in the world. At Eatwith, we offer top-rated cookery classes in London, welcoming guests from all backgrounds to join our fun and informative sessions. Whether you're a local or a tourist exploring England's capital, make sure to reserve your spot to learn about food tailored to your preferences and take home something extraordinary!

Immerse yourself in the city, sip cocktails, use your gift vouchers, indulge in gourmet cuisine, and top it off with an unforgettable cookery class! Our wide range of cooking classes caters to both food enthusiasts and seasoned cooks looking to acquire new skills. Enjoy the art of cooking during London's vibrant summers or a relaxing weekend getaway with your best friend. From breakfast to dessert, and from seafood to vegan delicacies, our talented chefs will share invaluable tips, unlock their kitchen secrets, and guide you every step of the way.

Prepare to elevate your culinary prowess by discovering how to select the finest fresh ingredients, expertly prepare, cook, and present your culinary creations, all while enjoying the company and expertise of professional chefs. You'll learn to serve dishes just like a restaurant! Come to our classes with curiosity, and leave armed with invaluable skills and knowledge to elevate your meals at home.

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We are absolute food experts

Our mission is to connect the best local chefs and food connoissveurs in London with adventurous travelers.

We are the leaders in social dining

The best way to make new friends and learn the local culture firsthand when traveling.

We offer unique food experiences

Try one of our immersive dinners, lunches, brunches, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

london’s best cuisine

Being the hub of so many cultural backgrounds has its perks, and London proves just that with the variety of cuisine it offers.

There are experts ready to teach you how to make Ethiopian food, process seafood, serve biscuits and tea, knead bread, all the dishes you could imagine according to your preferences, everything is game. With their guidance, you will be donning aprons and making pasta like Simone Remoli. The knowledge you come home with will definitely be worth the price!

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