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Cook authentic Asian food in your own kitchen from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and China, just like Asian chefs!

Prepare a delicious meal and learn the secret to mastering Asian cuisine.

Learn how to cook Asian food online

From Thai food to Chinese food, every country and region has its own unique recipes. Local ingredients include holy basil, cucumber, green curry paste, fish sauce, and more herbs, spices, and peppers than we can count! So whether you're looking to master the art of making spring rolls, to understand how to slice fish the right way for sushi and sashimi, or to get all the info on how to make your own stir fry from scratch, our exclusive offerings of Asian online classes are the place to be to hone your cooking skills! So why not let a passionate instructor or one of our professional chefs take you and your fellow guests by the hand in an online virtual classroom and introduce you to the traditions of their colorful Asian cuisine in-person? We know you'll get to cook and eat to your heart's content!

Dive into the culinary traditions of Asia

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If you're desperately craving authentic Asian food but don't know how to go about making it yourself, then why not let one of our sweet instructors show you how it's done? After all, the best way to enjoy an authentic Asian menu at home is to make it yourself!

Discover top-rated, private or group Asian cooking classes for students and companies from all over the world, on Zoom. Our hosts have years of cooking experience and are happy to share all of their tips, tricks, and techniques with you. Your teacher will show you how to make their own specials, from black bean sauce to intricate dishes that you've only ever had in restaurants. Now you can learn how to make them yourself under the guided instruction of a great teacher in a virtual classroom.

You can choose a class that fits perfectly into your schedule, from the morning to the evening, on a weekday or weekend, starting at a very low price. Our hosts will adapt the content of their classes to your personal preferences, and you'll be able to take pages and pages of notes, ask all of your burning questions, and get more info on recipes you're curious about. The purpose of the class is for you to improve your performance in the kitchen while having fun. And don't forget to take beautiful photos of your final creations to share with your friends and family!

How it works

Select your favorite menu and teacher

Browse all of our virtual Asian cooking classes and select the one you love the most

Find a date that works

Book a date and time that suits you and drop the teacher a line to say hi before the class

Get cooking!

Prepare the ingredients and read the recipes beforehand, then put on your apron, switch on your computer, and get ready for your Asian cooking lesson!

The top-rated cooking class to introduce you to Asian cuisine

Get ready to become well-versed in the spices, dishes and techniques from the region

Learn how to cook Southeast Asian food online

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook Asian food? Asian cuisine has many layers of history, culture, and traditions, with each region and country home to its own recipes and ingredients. Did you know that a green chicken curry with coconut milk that's prepared in Thailand will not taste the same as one prepared in Vietnam? Even though it's the same dish or meal, the country where it's served leaves its unique mark on each dish. In our exclusive offerings and popular experiences, you'll become immersed in Thai and Asian spices, recipes, and techniques. So why not invite a small group of friends as your guests to join you in an online virtual classroom for an Asian cooking course? The starting price is only 13 euros.

Ready to learn a new skill?

If you're interested in improving a specific skill or technique, then an online workshop might be just the thing for you! From learning how to make curry paste from scratch to rolling your own sushi, our online workshops are a treasure-trove of virtual expertise.

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