Online Baking and Pastry classes

From making sourdough bread to creating delicious desserts like French macarons, our online baking classes will teach you everything you need to know to become a master baker!

Discover our best online baking classes

Have you always wanted to learn how to bake bread at home? Or did you always want to make a Cronut just like Dominique Ansel? Our baking lessons for beginners will teach you all the basics you need to know. From how to make your own sourdough starter and bread, to freshly baked cake and tasty croissants, the recipes you'll learn in class will soon have you cooking up a storm! Let our expert home cooks and pastry chefs teach you professional techniques, tips, and new recipes using only the best ingredients. It's time to put away your cookbooks and sign up for live, online baking courses!

But how can you learn to bake online?

Eatwith: the leading website for online baking courses

If you've always wondered 'how do I learn to be a baker?' then you've come to the right place.

An online class is the next best thing after learning in an actual bakery! Simply choose your favorite online lessons and let our hosts teach you step-by-step how to make and bake your favorite recipes. Or, discover new recipes and techniques that you've always wanted to master.
From making whimsical sweets and frosting Insta-worthy cupcakes to perfecting French puff pastry or preparing beautiful edible cake decorations, the choices are endless! After all, nothing beats making your very own sourdough loaf, whipping up traditional Pastel de Nata just like in Lisbon, or replicating authentic Greek Baklava. Plus, as a bonus, you get to eat everything you bake during the class!

Online courses and pastry classes are perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to bake at home, from food-loving kids and adults to companies who want to reward performance with a sweet treat.

How it works

3 easy steps to booking a pastry or baking class

Select your favorite classBrowse all of our best online baking classes, take a look at the chefs' profile and select the one you love the most
Find a date that worksBook a date and time for your lesson and drop the instructor a line to say hi before the class
Get cooking!Prepare the ingredients and read the recipes beforehand, then put on your apron, connect from your device of choice, and get ready to bake!

Learn how to bake online

Are you ready to finally learn how to bake? One of the best parts of our classes is that all of the content and lessons are accessible online, via Zoom. Once you've signed up, you'll receive the link to attend the activity. During the experience, you'll take pages and pages of recipe notes and receive expert tips and techniques straight from our professional bakers and instructors. Cookies, cupcakes, sourdough, and fancy French pastries will no longer be things you buy in a bakery. Instead, you'll master the art of baking from your own kitchen and you'll get to enjoy your delicious creations to your heart's content. Find and compare our classes and cook recipes just like a professional chef! After the class, don't forget to leave a performance review as it's the best way to thank your host.

Ready to learn a new skill?

If you're interested in improving a specific skill or technique, then an online workshop might be just the thing for you! From learning how to get the perfect bump on madeleines to preparing your own bread from scratch, our online workshops are a treasure-trove of virtual expertise.

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