Online Indian Cooking Classes

Learn all about Indian spices, local ingredients like ghee and dal, and how to make traditional recipes like raita and masala, in a unique online class with the perfect teacher!

Explore online Indian cooking classes

An online Indian cooking course is the best way to go on a virtual journey to India! Enjoy a great experience during one of our special classes with an Eatwith chef or host. They will give you great tips on cooking traditional food and will share all their culinary knowledge with you! Learn how to make vegetarian dishes or classic Indian dishes with meat, as well as starters like raita, special rice recipes, and desserts like gulab jamuns. Whether you're looking for courses for yourself, for friends, or for companies, virtual Indian cookery classes are the best way to experience authentic Indian cuisine in your own kitchen!

Embark on an Indian culinary journey

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Embark on a journey to a foreign country with an online class!

The smell of spices toasting in ghee and exotic ingredients like dal and masala will perfume your kitchen for the duration of the lesson. Immerse yourself in Indian gastronomy, discover new flavors and culinary traditions, and taste what Indian food is really all about while learning from your instructor online.

How does an online cooking class work?

Join your host on your computer screen for a live, virtual cooking class that you can attend from anywhere in the world! You'll be sent the recipes, instructions, and equipment necessary before the date of the class so that you have time to prepare everything you need and get into the swing of things. Then, when it's time for the class, you'll get to cook delicious, traditional Indian dishes along with the chef while they share their great tips and expert cooking techniques with you.

How to book a cooking class

How to book

Browse all of our online Indian cookery classes and select the one you love the most!

Find a date that works

Book a date and time that suits you and drop the host a line to say hi before the class.

Get cooking!

Prepare the ingredients and equipment you'll need beforehand, then put on your apron, switch on your computer, and get ready for a great experience!

Experience the magic of a virtual Indian cooking course

Master centuries-old Indian recipes, understand how to use and temper spices, discover what the difference between 'curry' and 'masala' is, and much more, during one of our virtual, live Indian cooking classes! You have the option to choose what recipes or menu you'd like to cook when you book your course. The language of instruction is English. Please consult our FAQs and privacy policy for more information on cancellations and refunds.

Ready to learn a new skill?

If you're interested in improving a specific skill or technique, then an online workshop might be just the thing for you! From mastering the art of rolling whole-wheat 'chapatis' to making your own 'paneer', our online workshops are a treasure-trove of virtual knowledge.

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