Online Italian Cookery Classes

Cook traditional recipes from Italy in a virtual cooking class with Eatwith chefs and instructors.

Don your apron and get ready for Zoom classes full of professional tips and easy recipes that'll make any Italian nonna proud. Buon Appetito!

Find a live Italian cooking class online

Learn how to cook traditional recipes from Italian cuisine like pasta, pizza, tiramisu, gnocchi, risotto, and ravioli with passionate Italian chefs and instructors from the comfort of your own kitchen! Our online cookery courses are perfect for everyone, from foodies to companies, and take place online using video and Zoom. Cook your way through the historic recipes of Italy, learn how to make the perfect pasta, traditional pastry, and other easy Italian meals with an online Italian cooking class hosted by passionate Eatwith cooks. In every class, you'll whip up a delicious Italian meal using the best ingredients by following clear instructions, guided by the instructor on your laptop. Classes start at just 18€!

Italian cuisine, made easy

Eatwith: the leading site for virtual cooking courses

Have you been dreaming of Italy while stuck at home on your laptop?
If the idea of freshly-baked pizza, homemade pasta, and creamy risotto makes your mouth water, then you're probably prime for an online Italian cookery class! Learn all about Italian cuisine and cook authentic recipes like a chef in your own kitchen while attending a Zoom cooking class online.

Why take an online Italian cooking class?
You'll learn by watching your instructor on video and you'll get to interact with home cooks and chefs, all while preparing a variety of easy Italian dishes that will take your tastebuds on a one-way trip to Italy.

From discovering how to make different pasta shapes like gnocchi and ravioli from scratch, to perfecting your pizza dough by using the ideal type of flour, or what the best sauce is to serve with hollow spaghetti, the tips and skills you'll learn from Eatwith chefs are priceless.

How it works

Choose your favorite cooking courseBrowse all of our online Italian cookery classes and select the one you love the most
Find a date that worksBook a date and time that suits you and drop the host a line to say hi before the class
Get cooking!Prepare the ingredients and utensils that you'll need beforehand, then put on your apron, turn on your laptop, and get ready for a delish cooking class!

The best Italian cooking classes online

Whether you want to make fresh pasta like tagliolini with spinach and ricotta sauce, or if you prefer to learn about the storytelling and ingredients featured in famous Italian recipes, then these online cooking classes are for you. Choose between a private virtual cooking class for just yourself, or why not treat your special someone to online cooking classes for couples? No matter what type of class you decide on, you'll learn a lot more than what you can find in a cookbook!

Ready to learn a new skill?

If you're interested in improving a specific skill or technique, then an online workshop might be just the thing for you! From mastering the art of the Italian 'Aperitivo' to perfecting your sourdough pizza baking, our online workshops are a treasure-trove of virtual learning.

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