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Join chefs and hosts live from their homes around the world as they share the recipes to their all-time favorite dishes! From an authentic pasta course masterclass live with a Roman chef to a Michelin-level online cookery class that will take your cooking skills to the next level, follow each step-by-step instruction and learn all the secrets to making some seriously tasty dishes in your own kitchen. Our courses and classes will help you to cook food you never dreamed you could – and in your own kitchen! It's a unique and wonderful way to expand your cookery knowledge with a superb chef and team behind you.

Online courses are the perfect way to...

  • Meet friendly, one-of-a-kind hosts on Zoom;
  • Discover new cooking skills, knife skills and useful techniques taught by professional chefs;
  • Turn on your video and enjoy a fun virtual activity in a laidback environment;
  • Join other guests online or gather your friends and family for a private cooking masterclass full of flavor.

How do online cooking courses work?

Whether you're looking to join a one-on-one course or reconnect with friends and family, online cooking classes are the perfect way to enjoy a unique virtual activity, discover new flavors and master new skills.

Choose your cookery classCheck hosts' profile, browse videos and photos to find your perfect online cooking class, book it and invite your friends to join the event! You decide whether to invite all the family or organise specific adult cooking classes where the wine can really flow!
We'll help you get readyYou'll receive all the information including list of ingredients to buy from the store and a Zoom link to connect to the masterclass.
Let the fun beginConnect to Zoom from your device (laptop, iPad...) at the scheduled time, meet the chef, follow each instruction step-by-step and enjoy a brilliant and unique experience packed with great ideas and lovely dishes!

Join fun online cooking classes

If, like us, you've been watching the sourdough craze and DIY crafty pasta videos take over the internet, you probably want to get a piece of the action too! To all the food lovers and those who want to learn to cook delicious dishes like a pro, you're in the right place!

Whatever your preferences, Eatwith chefs and instructors can't wait to join you online to share their knowledge and top tips to making amazing food. You'll create restaurant quality food at your own table, growing your cookery skills and enhancing your repertoire. From an Indian curry making workshop, to an Italian pasta cooking class to a French baking session, the choices are endless!

Cooking classes can become a part of your travels or a leisure activity to upgrade your meal plan. Upgrade your performance in the kitchen with new skills and techniques complete with local organic ingredients from nearby gardens to cook with. With so many courses at Eatwith, students are free to choose whatever menu suits them best, learning at their own pace. 

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Browse online workshops and find fun activities to enjoy from the comfort of home. From a sourdough pizza session to a French wine tasting course, turn on your video and join unique online activities led by passionate hosts!

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