The best food experiences in Berlin

Our friendly local Berlin hosts will show you the best of Berlin on a guided food tour, teach you how to make German delicacies and invite you into their home for a truly authentic Berlin dinner.

What Eatwith is about

We are absolute food experts

Our mission is to connect the best local chefs and food connoisseurs in Berlin with adventurous travelers.

Social dining

The best way to make new friends and learn the local culture firsthand when traveling.

Unique food experiences

Try one of our immersive dinners, lunches, brunches, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

The best food tour in Berlin


Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings

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The best cooking class in Berlin

Our highlight

Dinner parties with local chefs in their own homes

  • Our hand-selected local hosts create unique dining experiences in their own homes or private venues. Check if wine is included in your experience!
  • Browse the menu and contact your host if you have any dietary requirements. They can create a custom menu just for you.
  • Dine at a communal table with local Berliners and other people from around the world.

The best dining experience in Berlin


Berliner Zimmer dinner party by GAiETY

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Why you should try an Eatwith experience in Berlin

Berlin, the German capital, is a city that dates back to the 13th century. With a strong historical and cultural presence, the Berlin Wall and Holocaust memorial are absolute musts on your list. After you've visited all of the historical sights and monuments, explore the culture and art scene that Berlin is so famous for. The city is full of clubs, galleries, and theaters, and there's always a cool cultural event going on.

Berlin is known for its young, friendly vibe, and you'll instantly feel welcomed by the locals. Another great way to get to know the locals is to dine with them in their homes. Book a lunch or dinner with a local Berlin Eatwith host and they'll show you what life in Berlin is all about while giving you a taste of German or international cuisine that's made with the best seasonal ingredients. You'll get to try famous treats like appel strudel, different types of sausages and delicious breads and baked goods. Or you can go on a market tour or take a cooking class to learn how to make German recipes on your own, after sharing a meal with your host.

Whatever you chose to do in Berlin, the many sites, activities and dining options are sure to make your trip a memorable one!