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After graduating from BA faculty, I found myself cooking (dreaming of a restaurant of my own), for 12 years, I worked as a cook, as a manager and as an owning partner. Now I am cooking, at home, for us and our friends, I have a blog and people can order meals (mostly to serve at their houses) and I am developing this small business now. When ever I go for a vacation the aim is to eat the best in there, so especially travelling in Turkey we plan our holidays according to those special restaurants locations. I've been to Paris, Dubrovnik, Rhodos, North Cyprus, Santorini, Mykanos, Kos, Rodos, Barcelona, Madrid etc, and my main thing in all these cities were to eat different meals, taste different things and walk in all the streets I can :) Whenever I travel I like the locals guide so I do the same thing here, when I see someone troubled I try to help, especially in restaurants :) Long story in short, I love to eat, to cook , to travel and the most important thing is sharing them. I live to eat not eat to live :)

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BegonyaJanuary 2020
Inspiring! The dinner was a wonderful experience, the food was great and varied, and Esra taught us much about Istanbul’s culture. We loved how enlightened the host was and would love to repeat this again in a different country!
DaveOctober 2019
I will preface with that I am a chef who owns three restaurants and that I spend all my free time traveling and eating. I’ve been curious about eat with for a long time, but this was my first time trying it. Esra was super lovely and her food is fantastic. Huge variety of items, all delicious and well seasoned. Good conversation and tips for Istanbul, would definitely recommend.
JoanSeptember 2019
What a wonderful evening we had with Esra! We lucked out that it was just my husband and me so we had Esra all to ourselves. Even though it was just the two of us, Esra prepared food for a crowd. She just kept bringing out one delicious dish after another. At one point we started thanking her for the dinner and she said, “wait! The main course is still to come.” From start to finish everything was perfect and Esra’s lovely personality and excellent cooking skills truly made this a night to remember.
HenrikSeptember 2019
We had an exelent meal with Esra! We highly recomend it!