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Apr 16, 2018
I had a wonderful wine at Candelilla 16 with Hector and the gang. They were so welcoming and as a lone Brit they looked after me exceptionally well and translated lots just for me! The whole experience was fantastic and the food was stunning, well presented and delicious. There was a story running through the whole event was was a wonderful concept. Tradition was embedded throughout the food and we were taught age old methods of food preparation. All hosts had specialist knowledge of certain areas, foods and drinks and it was fascinating to learn so much in such a fun and informal way. If I go back to Mexico City again, and I hope to, I will definitely go back and I urge anyone staying to go to. It was a unique and authentic experience, an easy 5 stars! Muchas gracias!
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Nov 29, 2017
Candellia 16 and our hosts were outstanding! The entire experience was magical. Each course was interwoven with a story about Dias de los Muertos. And the food was all perfectly put together with such complex tastes. Keep in mind, that this is quite far out from the city center, so leave enough time to get there in Friday traffic, and no alcohol is provided with the meal.
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Sep 5, 2017
It was a bit of a hike from the central areas of CDMX, especially with Friday rush hour, but it was so worth it. This was an experience that we could not have gotten anywhere else. Not only was the food amazing, but we had a very fun introduction to important parts of CDMX and got to understand a little bit about how food in CDMX has evolved. We met some other awesome people, and Hector gave us some great recommendations for other things to do in the city. I give this a 12/10, definitely would do again. Thanks guys!
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Jul 11, 2017
Place, environment, guests, hosts, food, everything close to perfection, divine! And to top it off, the history, the way the menu is built and the freshness of all ingredients turns the experience into something much larger than eating well. Simply the best!
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