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Jul 5, 2018
We had a wonderful experience at Massimo’s apartment. Pity that we couldn’t meet Daniela as I expect she would have been equally as delightful as Massimo. He invited a colleague from work who shared valuable information about his hometown of Valencia and how to cook paella the correct way. Maximo went to a lot of trouble in preparing a fabulous meal with practically all ingredients from Sardinia, where he came from. The herbs were grown in his garden. The Primo had Sardinia cheese and cured meat hand delivered by Massimo together with Sardinia beer. It is evident that Massimo is passionate about food and cooking. He’s so knowledgeable about Sardinia and we enjoyed hearing about it so much that we plan to visit one day. The main course was a handmade I-forgot-the-name pastry dish on a bed of mashed asparagus prepared with tender loving care. It was delicious. It was followed by another main course which was a wonderful lasagna prepared with Sardinia cheese. Dessert was Tiramasu made without any lazy short-cuts as we do in Australia. Massimo separated the yolks from the whites of the eggs before combining each with the appropriate ingredients. We certainly did not expect such a wonderful and large meal after which we were provided with Sardinia home-made liquor with our coffee. All in all, a fabulous evening with an extremely generous host. WELL DONE MASSIMO!!!
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Jul 4, 2018
Tasty sardinian/italian classics using fresh vegetables and imported sardinan products perfectly paired with sardinian wine and spirits. Good conversation in a cozy atmosphere.
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Jul 1, 2018
The perfect atmosphere and food ever! Massimo and Daniela are tremendously nice and kind! And the food....OMG something unbelievable! We will definetely will comeback!
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Jan 16, 2018
Let’s start by saying that Daniella and Massimo might just be the sweetest couple you will have the opportunity to dine with in Barcelona. While their apartment is a little out of the centre of town it is well worth making the effort to get to them ~ you will not be disappointed. The food was absolutely delicious; each dish led smoothly into the next. The meal was designed thoughtfully, prepared meticulously and served lovingly. We had such a wonderful afternoon with these hosts - a highlight of our trip :)
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