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Flavors, aromas and colors filled my childhood in Tunisia and Paris. My culinary heritage began before I was born, as all of Tunisia visited my great-grandmother's restaurant. Experiences in Israel and in Boston led me to the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. In March 2006, I returned to Israel to invite the country to taste my secret ingredient, love- love of people, ingredients, atmosphere and aesthetics. I admire the power of nature and love to travel. My specialties in the kitchen are homemade, oak smoked salmon; amuse bouches and aperitifs like gazpacho in cucumber rounds; rack of lamb; and for dessert, La Charlotte au Chocolate! Typical menu but not a must Houmous  with  carrots and  cumin Tunisian  fricasses with  smoked  tuna Zucchini salad   with  pine  nuts and  mint green  taboule with dried  cranberries and  caramelized  pecans Green salad  with  silan  vinaigrette Maklouba  with  chicken Strips  of  entrecote with  sumac  and  caramelized  onions on  moroccan  bread Desserts:fruit platter Individual  kadaif with mousseline cream  and  nuts Chocolate phyllo triangles Breads Wines  and  Light  drinks

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Louisa 🇺🇸1 review
November 2019
atmosphere: 5
food: 5
value for money: 4
We had a lovely Shabbat dinner with Aliza the night before my son's bar mitzvah. She accommodated our large group who arrived at different times and created a delicious buffet meal which we ate outside in the garden. Aliza is a charming host and was passionate about sharing her cultural background and food experience with us. It was special to have this night in a local home instead of at a big hotel and we highly recommend this experience with Aliza.
About the experience Private Event-Epices & Delices - A Seasonal, Timeless Gastronomic Journey by Aliza

Rafael 🇮🇱5 reviews
October 2018
atmosphere: 5
food: 5
value for money: 5
The group really enjoy the experience. The food was great, and the atmosphere really especial!
About the experience Private Event-Epices & Delices - A Seasonal, Timeless Gastronomic Journey by Aliza

[email protected] 🇮🇱1 review
November 2013
I ate at Aliza`s on Friday evening with a group of 20 Americans ( I am Israeli) I have only good words to say about the food, the experience and meeting with Aliza and her family. The hospitality was very generous and genuine. Food was great, a combination between Aliza`s roots in north Africa and France and local Israeli ingredients. Aliza is a very charismatic women with rich life experience. She openly shares her family story, her beliefs and her personal way to observe Judaism and the Shabat. I highly recommend visiting Aliza both for the food but mainly for the meeting with a courages charismatic women and her special scent of Shabat.

reuven 🇳🇷1 review
May 2013
We were five (4 tourists from California and me, their tour guide) eating dinner with Aliza and her son. The food was excellent: tasty, light and architectural. We had some typical Israeli salads as starters , main course was very tasty and creative and the desert as well. The main thing was the nice atmosphere, the discussion and the subjects that arose giving the tourists an outstanding opportunity to talk with authentic Israelis about topics that interested all the participants. Bravo Aliza !