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Apr 12, 2018
Every dish was delicious - soup, wontons, spring rolls, salad, pork stew, soya bean dessert - loved it all! The chef very thoughtfully made a Western dessert (mini shortbreads and a chocolate dip) in case the Asian dessert wasn't to our liking, which were also devoured. A lovely evening, highly recommended.
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Mar 15, 2018
When you enter chez Petrina, you can immerse yourself in the warm, cozy living space that she created with carefully chosen paintings and decorations which fit perfectly into the white tone background. Her passion in creating comfy living obviously extends to her love of comfy homemade food. To show her thoughtfulness she warmed us up with a bowl of hearty soup which reminds me of my mum's cooking. A zesty plate of salad after the soup helped to freshen up the palate and bring out the flavour of her special crispy wonton and spring roll. The main (slow cooked pork and rice) totally put me under the illusion that I'm really at home. The red bean soup with her own twist and home made short bread further sweeten the night and of course I went home with a smile. :) Thank you Petrina for the great experience!
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Mar 13, 2018
While it may have been a cold, dark winters' evening in London, for a brief few hours at Petrina's, we were transported into another world of sunny South East Asian flavours. It was a delectable and authentic home dining experience, with lovely aromatic Singaporean, Malaysian and Cantonese flavours from start to finish. Personal favourites included Petrina's hearty and eco-friendly adaptation of traditional shark fin soup and her braised pork-belly main accompanied by the most delightfully fluffy steamed buns, like little cloud parcels in your mouth. Her homemade wontons and spring rolls were also a treat: piping hot and crispy and served alongside a refreshing duck salad. And for a very comforting finale to the meal, was a red bean soup dessert and incredibly moreish shortbread petit-fours (of which admittedly, without restraint, I probably could have devoured several dozen in one sitting...) Petrina was very welcoming and friendly throughout the evening: we felt very much at home in her cozy flat and extremely well fed! Well worth the trip and highly recommended.
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