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Hello! I am Laura. Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Puerto Rico and now living in Barcelona and Mexico for the past six years with my partner in crime and cooking Ivan, born and raised in a Mexico. My passion for food began when I was a child, learning to cook with my grandmothers. As a professional I have been working in the field of gastronomy and hospitality for about 10 years, as a cook, pastry chef, waitress, restaurant manager and organizer of culinary events. For the past 7 years I have been traveling with Ivan extensively throughout Mexico, learning all I can about its incredible cuisine, and now with his guidance we are ready to offer you culinary experiences from both of our stories. I am passionate about expressing my love for cooking culture and using everything I learned from my family, during my career and on my travels, to create culinary events where I can share my cuisine knowledge and experience and do it in a hospitable way where my guests feel at home!

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