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What to expect at Hagit 's place


Oct 24, 2017
The whole eavning was a great success and our hosts were wonderful.The food was so good and there was really nice wine to accompany the meal.the room was spacious and very comfortable with a good atmosphere enjoyed by us all.Thanks for a great night!!
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Oct 23, 2017
The Space: an upbeat, intimate, charming, friendly home with an amazing deck-view while enjoying our first bites and a "Limoux-Spritz". The Food: Italy was the theme this evening and that country's influence was apparent in every dish, sometimes subtly as a nuance or soft influence, other times as the star of the dish (tomato salad). From the fresh local ingredients to the obvious cooking skills (the salmon was perfect) each dish stood on it's own as quality, lovingly prepared delight. And the dessert? Well, you'll have to go to find out - one of a kind and super delicious! The Host(s): The warmth of their welcome and enthusiasm through the evening to share a very special meal with new and/or returning friends in a very organized yet relaxed atmosphere was the icing on the cake.
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Oct 21, 2017
Fantastic 7-course meal with a variety of outstanding Italian favorites—all fresh and homemade. Hard to pick a favorite dish, but arguably the dessert takes the prize, rising to the level of performance food art. And the Italian music playing in the background completed the romantic event. Just lovely!
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Oct 19, 2017
Hagit and Einat are the most gracious hosts. The menu for our dinner was beautiful. Hagit's cooking talent and love of food shone through. It was great to meet people who appreciated well executed and lovely food as much as I do. A perfect evening.
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