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Growing up in Iran, where every single meal is a feast and our gatherings are based around vibrant and plentiful dishes. I fell in love with the art of Persian food which was nurtured, with age old recipe passed down through the generations; and the warm art of being present at every meal, not starting until every person was seated, and not leaving until everyone was finished. To this day I mostly make Persian food and my heart will always be there, while I definitely experiment with all the other cuisines as a professional chef, the way I learnt to cook at home is always at the base of every dish I create. After a 20 year career in teaching, it wasn’t easy to completely switch paths to give my passion a go, but after my first supper club in 2014, and a lot of encouragement from so many, I knew it was the right path. Since then I have enjoyed being a tv chef, working in Michelin star restaurants and writing for food cookbook. But my passion for health, the art of cooking, and creating community and a society which brings joy and change to peoples lives is still my main drive, and I feel that my supper clubs really nurture that desire and make me a very happy chef :)
Languages: English, Persian

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MelinaNovember 2021
A wonderful evening and lovely experience. Bita is a warm host and takes you on a clear culinary journey. She is brilliant at putting Persian cuisine on the map. The setting was lovely in the boathouse and perfect for meeting a stranger or two. Thank you!
CatalinaNovember 2021
Epic evening, loved the food but also Bita’s enchanting story telling! My new favourite dish is the Kookoo-Sabzi
LouiseNovember 2021
This was one of the most wonderful dining experiences I have ever had…the food was simply exquisite and excellent quality. Everything about it was beautiful- can’t thank Bita and her real enough
LeylaNovember 2021
Bita was a fantastic host. The food was excellent and what really shone through was Bita's passion for the ingredients, preparation and end dishes which she served perfectly along with clear explanation. We had a great time and would love to return.