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What hosts are saying about Kip

AshleyMarch 2020
Excellent Thai noodle dinner with delicious food, a boozy welcome drink, and a friendly knowledgeable host. This was my second time attending Kip’s supper club and I absolutely loved it. If her house was a restaurant, I’d eat there every day.
LenaMarch 2020
I have been to Kip's supper club a few times now and the food has been absolutely amazing every single time. The portions are very generous. The company has been delightful every time. Highly recommended!
BorisFebruary 2020
AMAZING, flavourful, exciting food by Kip. Highly recommended! 😋😋😋
HebaNovember 2019
As a lover of spicy food, this was just perfect. There are times when spicy food is too overwhelming that you don't taste anything else, but Kip managed to give every dish a very unique flavor. It's not hard to see that the dishes are made with passion, expertise and hard work, and the food is always accompanied by good stories. I've been to Kip's supper clubs twice so far, and both times have been enjoyable experiences with great food and great company.