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Jul 28, 2017
The food is out of this world, the ingredients fresh and the combination of flavors are unexpected yet totally blew my mind. It took me out of my comfort zone as I grew up eating Asian food and this experience with Liran opened my mind to flavor profiles I have never tasted before in my life. Moreover, I got to dine with guests from different parts of the world and we shared a great night full of meaningful conversation and laughs. Thanks Liran for opening your door for us!
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Jul 18, 2017
It's been a wonderful foodie experience and a great pleasure participating in the Mediterranean diner @ Gambetta, Liran is a top chef when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine, his wife Noa was very welcoming and fun to talk too and I really enjoyed spending time with them. Well where should I start, the colorful diversity of starters really impressed me, must say it was a wonderful north African – French fusion, the fresh Sabih had its unique recipe with original cheese twist, the Moroccan cigars stuffed with meat were very tasty and crispy, they were served with yogurt sauce which was very surprising, kind of a Greek addition. The Pommes Dauphines were absolutely delicious, served with green skhug sauce which was spicy just in the exact amount, I couldn’t get enough of those, and all accompanied with fresh homemade Pita bread which was delightful! The dessert was Malabi, which is a kind of pudding made with cornflower, was served with Fresh cherries and was the best Malabi I have ever had! Forget about cheap Mediterranean food takeaway and go spoil yourself like Egyptian kings and have a great Mediterranean feast; it’s finally peace in the Middle East!
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Jul 15, 2017
We were very well fed in a large Med feast . Food was healthy and incredibly good and Liran and Noa were Superb hosts : good food , good company , good conversations . Thank you for a wonderful time
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May 7, 2017
The hosts were gracious and welcoming. There was a large variety of starters, some standard and some quite original; some familiar, and some unfamiliar. All were tasty, and one (the butternut squash) was superb. The main course was good too, and the desert was wonderful. The other guests were fun to dine with as well.
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