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Mar 15, 2018
Quite happy to have made this spur of the moment decision to come to dinner at Drabani. In fact, this is my first review despite having been to mane pop up project before. It appears that the guys are just starting and for someone who is a beginner on a pop up scene the end product was nothing short of brilliant. The ambience was perfect - an edgy area in the north of Notting Hill, a crafts factory - funky, but plenty of space and awash in quirky little decorative details. The crowd was friendly, relaxed and easy-going - a welcome respite from the usual self-conscious West London "normal". But the main star of the evening - food. I was unhappy with myself as a result of pigging out the night - the Morrocan themed dinner was plentiful, the use of spice exhilarating but not overwhelming, and the hosts were more than happy to provide us with seconds (and then some more). Two star dishes that particularly stood out in my opinion - the chicken pie and the lamb stew. The pie was simply brilliant - pulled chicken with dried fruit and Maghreb spices in philo pastry. Usually, not my cup of tea as I cannot appreciate the mixing of sweet and savory. However, in this instance, the combining of salt and sugar was done so delicately, with such precision that it created a veritable umami sensation. Frankly, far beyond the level of cooking I expected at a pop up. The lamb stew was a kaleidoscope of spices and textures, a riot in my mouth without being overwhelming. Again, I was thoroughly impressed with the command of spice and texture balance by the chef. I'll leave my review at that adding that I cannot wait for the next project of this talented team. Well done, guys.
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Mar 13, 2018
Nice décor and warm hosting by this supper club debut. The food was hearty home cooking but slightly insipid and not particularly cohesive (carrot cake in Marrakesh?!). A first attempt but not at the right price point of £50 a head - which may be why the majority of attendees were close personal friends.
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Mar 12, 2018
A fantastic night! Loved it.
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Mar 12, 2018
Amazing food, amazing ambience and fantastic company. Well done guys, I loved it!
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