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My Shabbat Spiritual Experience is the high point of our week. It makes us very happy to see people from all over the world enjoying this awsome experience and this is why I am so happy to plan it and prepare for this great weekly event. I am an artist and a producer of art and events. For many years I am focusing on ancient Sacred Jewish Art and bringing the awerness to it to the public through producing art based on ancient traditions and motifs in the areas of jewelery, embridery and paintings. This art is involved with a rich spiritual content. Shaul, is teaching Judaism, spirituality and Kabbalah for many years and he turns the dinners into a learning experience. Together, with the help of our daughters who cook, bake and serve, every dinner is a celebration!

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ChristineSeptember 2021
It was a while ago but what I remember most was feeling included in a traditional experience, something we wouldn't normally have.
DanielleMarch 2020
Wow. What an amazing evening. The three of us agreed this was one of our favorite experiences during our time in Israel. Osnat and Shaul were great hosts, and the other Shabbat guests were wonderful as well (one of them even stopped us in the street a few days later to say hello!). Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Shaul, learning about Shabbat and Judaism in general, and the singing. Also, the food was delicious and Osnat was awesome in making sure my sister had gluten free bread (which she said was the best she's ever had since her Celiac diagnosis!). Truly a welcoming group and I am so grateful they opened up their Shabbat to us!
KevinFebruary 2020
Shabbat with Rabbi Shaul and Osnat was like a wonderful experience. Even though the group was large and new to us, we felt like we were enjoying Shabbat with friends and family we have known all our lives. We cannot say enough positive words to describe the Shabbat dinner!
WolfgangFebruary 2020
We had a wonderful Shabbat Dinner with our hosts Osnat and Rabbi Shaul and maybe 15 Torah students around the age of 22. We were deeply touched by the friendliness and openness that was shown to us. The students were such nice and wonderful persons. You could feel the positive soul of your teacher, Rabbi Shaul, in them. The whole evening will be unforgettable for us. The food was great too. Many thanks to our hosts and the great guys.