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Lucy Burns
Mar 5, 2018
A very enjoyable evening thank you!
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Feb 6, 2018
This was the second time that I've had the pleasure of attending Jorge's supper club. As with the first time, the food was prepared (and presented) to a high standard. Jorge, using his innovative and unique style in the preparation of each course, added a welcomed (and tasteful) twist on some well-known dishes. Before we started the meal, Jorge gave a very thorough explanation of each course, so we knew what to expect (i.e. it's origin, ingredients used and how he has made each course unique). Having each course described beforehand was a great help, especially when Jorge included some lesser well-known dishes (well at least lesser-known to some of the attendees). The friendliness of the waiters, the venue location (we dined near the balcony which has a lovely view of a canal) ensured the ambiance was relaxed and intimate, which in turn led to many new friendships being started. And, as an extra bonus Jorge and his lovely staff sat down with us for a drink once the meal was completed. This afforded us the opportunity to not only further discuss (and compliment him) the meal, but to get his view on cuisine in general. I would, without any hesitation, recommend Jorge's super club.
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Feb 5, 2018
This was my first experience of a supper club, and I will admit that I was a little bit dubious about the whole thing. I mean honestly, eating in some stranger's home with other complete strangers? That couldn't be right could it? I suppose I harboured some idea that this was something only enjoyed by twenty-somethings who wouldn't know the difference between good and utterly horrible. Well, I will say it: I was completely wrong. I loved it. If all supper clubs are anywhere near as fabulous as my experience last Saturday night, then no wonder they are so successful. We were immediately made to feel at home the minute we entered Chef Jorge and Marcel's flat (the truly excellent fig infused g & t's did help break the ice I must confess). It was a wonderful crowd that night, and it was effortless to socialise. Of course, how could you not have a great time with the menu that Jorge threw at us? Honestly, I have never had such a juxtaposition of flavours before. It is so apparent that Jorge's passion for food and flavours is explosively translated onto the plate. There were so many dishes that stood out, but for me, the hands-down winner was the Octopus Tiradito. It was nothing short of divine, the tender octopus with the potato, and the smokey finish that I would guess came from the black olive ash. Also, while it is important to note that this was not a restaurant (thank goodness), I have to say that the "service" (removing your empty plate and bringing the next course) was flawless, just enough, appearing effortless, but not too much. Thank-you Chef Jorge for an enchanting evening.
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Feb 4, 2018
Jorge is a true artist! ... and met some great people in a really welcoming and warm atmosphere! Thank you :)
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